Walk, Waddle, or Dodge a Wrench Wednesdays <3

SO… I totally walked.. well waddled.. and luckily no wrench doging was required!  I’ll start the blog off by speaking truthfully about my slip up, this way I can end the blog on a high note!

I ate McDonalds. Truly.. I don’t know how I feel about that. Maybe I’m beating myself up too much? I don’t know. But I know I’m eating healthy tomorrow on my “cheat day” so perhaps I just temporarily shifted it to Wednesday this week. But there you go.. I ate junk. And I wasn’t strong enough to just get ONE burger. I had a Big Mac and a Mc.Chicken. (coupons came in the mail and we were all hungry.. and I’m still weak).  The plus side with that? I did not eat the fries.. well I ate a few but I didn’t come close to finishing them. And I didn’t finish my drink either. And I stopped when I started to feel full, as opposed to waiting until I was puking full. SO that’s a good thing I suppose.

The high note you ask? Is that, remember how I said I would walk around the block? Well I totally blew that out of the water! As a way to try and counterbalance the meal I’d just eaten, I walked home from McDonalds! WOOT

My brother was very awesome and volunteered to walk with me, and Mike was equally awesome in that he quickly drove the car home, than litterally RAN to meet up with us part way home so we could all finish the walk together! I think my heart just about exploded with Love for my fave boys.

I admittedly had to stop briefly twice. My back was spassming pretty hard and my leg cramped up once. But I worked through it, stopping only long enough to catch my breath and rub my back a bit. Slowly but surely I made it home.  I used to be able to do that walk like no body’s business. That used to just be normal… and now it’s a huge stepping stone of awesomeness. Funny how times change.

I’m glad I did it.. and I’m hoping the weather stays nicer so I can do stuff like that more often. Thursdays are now dubbed Thrilling Thunderdome Thursdays and well I’m still thinking of what to do today. I may take a bit of a rest from working out and just do some housework instead. My body still feels like a giant bruise this morning lol. It’s a good kind of pain, but it’s still a pain haha.

Tonight I vow to clean the bedroom and walk up and down the stairs twice.  You heard it hear folks, and if I don’t do this you can spank me.. Erm…OK yes if I don’t do it you can spank me LOL.

I’m off for now. Sending out massive High-5’s! Hope everyone got to enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday.

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