Week 2 recap

I have officially completed the first half of my first month… And I have to say, it feels AMAZING. Seriously, the more weight I lose, the easier its getting to move and just be a normal person! I lost another 4 lbs, and my belly has lost another inch! That is INSANE! Since day 1 , I’ve now lost 15.5 lbs. That is 13.5 more than I’ve ever been able to lose all in one shot before. I feel lighter, and happier…. I haven’t even had as much anxiety as usual and I think that is largely because I feel GOOD about myself. I am proud of my progress, I’m delighted to be able to walk again.. And I can’t describe how good it feels to have my clothes begin to loosen up.
I know the road has only just begun, and it won’t always be rainbows and fuzzy puppies… But is My road and its going to be as awesome as I make it… And I plan on making it AWESOME.

As always, thanks for the read and I heart you!


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