What’s your Jam baby?

You may or may not know this… but I’m kind of silly… and I enjoy dancing… I enjoy it even more when no one can see me doing it LMAO. I enjoy my solitude even more right now as my skin hasn’t tightened up (YET) so I am very much like Santa Claus right now (I jiggle like a bowl full of Jelly… AHHHHHHHHHHHH Get it? BWAHAHAHA…. Ok).

With that said though…. Holy Heck it’s fun and it’s a great way to kill some time while my bf works nights… It’s also a great way to tire me out before bed… or pump me up in the AM. For every situation life has, dancing just…. it helps. It’s like this magic balm that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

It’s also a large part of why I’ve lost 50 lbs (SO FAR 😉 hehehe) and I plan on dancing my way to One-derland!  It’s not all I do, it’s not even the biggest part of what I do (right now the biggest thing is the fact that it has been 10…. 11?…. weeks of no food LOL).. but it’s been the funnest part FOR SURE!

So hit me up in the comments, on FB, Twitter, however it is we keep in touch, and let me know YOUR fave Booty shakin song. Old, New, Rock, Pop, Country.. it’s ALL GOOD! Let me know your fave and I’ll add it to my play list of epic dancing songs!

Much love!


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