You can’t fix mental illness with Sunshine and Kale chips

I just finished watching a video on YouTube by an amazing Youtuber named upercaseCHASE1, I’ll like the video HERE if you would like to jump over and watch for yourself. It hurts my heart to see someone else going through the same anxiety bull that I suffer from… but what really grinds my gears are the people who are commenting on this video with messages about how he just needs to look in the mirror and ask himself what he really wants out of life… or how he just needs to go on more walks, or how medications are evil and he’s dooming himself for life by “caving” and going on meds.





Now, on a normal day, I hate most of humanity because y’all are scary.. but when I see things like this I just go into full beast mode. Why? Easy… having a mental illness is hard enough, we don’t need people trying to tell us that we’re wrong in getting help. Hello?!?!? We have a 24/7 war with our own minds going on, and you think that can be cured with kale chips and puppy dogs? NO. HELL NO. Y U DO DIS?!?!?!*sigh*

Yes, for some people, when they get “depressed”…. (read, sad.) a walk in nature or taking some time for themselves to relax is all they need. Do you want to know WHY that method worked for them? BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE A MENTAL ILLNESS!!!!

It is normal to have down times, when life get’s too hectic or when something sad happens, it’s NORMAL TO BE SAD. Yeah, if you spend all day inside in front of a PC working 80 hours a week, you’re going to feel burn out. Take in some sun, meditate, try some yoga, pull back from doing some much overtime, and BAM, you’re happy again.

Mental illness is NOT THE SAME. Someone who has a chemical imbalance in their brains, needs more than sunshine and a nap to fix it. If you’re afraid that you’re going to die every time you leave the house… eating a carrot isn’t going to help.

If you look at everyone when out in public and try to figure out who is going to attack you first and how can you escape as quickly as possible, reading a good book is not going to help.

If you can’t look at your body in the mirror without wanting to destroy it, and yourself, on a regular basis… Chocolate is not going to help.

Medication is NOT evil, it is not some grand conspiracy to try and control your mind or whatever the hell people have against meds… it is something made by science, to fix a part of your body that was kinda broken.

If you break your arm, would you go to the 7-11 and grab a slurpie and call it a day? FUCK NO because your arm would still be broken! You would go to the hospital, get that shit set, wrap it in a cast, wait for it to heal, and BAM look at that, it’s all healed. Hell, if you grab a slurpie after your cast is on it will probably help even more, but telling someone not to take medication is like telling someone with a broken arm they don’t need a cast. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Anyway, sorry for the random verbal diarrhea.. I just hate when other people try to “help” by saying things that make it sound like getting better is as easy as taking a walk in the park. Try living in my head, and then see if all you needed was a freaking walk. UGH.

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