You have humbled me…

I stand before you today, humbled and deeply moved by the support I have received. Only yesterday I posted my blog on facebook and today I have had 98 views to date. The comments and emails I have received have touched me more than I can ever explain.

I feel stronger, knowing I have this wave of support behind me to help carry me forward. I could not do this alone, I would not be here without you.

Last night I hopped on the bike.. it was 10pm, I really didn’t want to. But I did.. want to know why? Because I said I would and I try as hard as I can to stick to my word. So I got on and went until my legs felt like Jell-o.. which mind you wasn’t all that long of a ride. Mike came down to keep me company and handed me a medicine ball which I did some arm toning excersizes with. Tonight we plan to bring my exercise ball downstairs and start a mini circuit to see if I can last longer that way.. Part on the bike, then the ball, then the bike etc.  I need to build up my cardio stamina, which right now is pretty non-existant.. I’m hoping that if I bike then take a break and continue with a different type of exersize, then go back to the bike etc, it will help me work out for longer while still being able to breath lol. That’s the plan anyway.

I also think it’s time to take my measurments.. though I’m not entirely sure I’ll post them up on here. Maybe one day when I’ve lost inches I’ll post a before and after kind of thing. I noticed this morning that my tummy looks a bit thinner… In no way am I saying it looks THIN… but it looked smaller somehow, and that got me to thinking that I should probably take my measurments SOON so I can have a visual marker of my progress even if the lbs haven’t come off yet. Muscle does weight more than fat and I remember from my gym days that often times once you start to work out you gain more weight before you see the loss, but the truth is in the inches.

So there you have it. I hopped on the bike, I ate sensibly last night and I feel great! One more day down, many many more to go <3

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  • keep up the good work Shannon. I will help you as much as l can. when you come to mom’s we can go walking together. love you

  • you are now on day 6 of your quest and I would say it is pretty amazing, only 15 more days lol to break all your old bad habits. They say it take 21 DAYS to form a bad habit; therefore, it stands to reason that it takes 21 days to break it. You are an inspiration to everyone around you my most beautiful daughter.

  • Hopefully the cravings go away after 21 days lol. It’s been brutal every day craving and denying myself. But so far, somehow I’ve been able to say NO. One foot in front of the other and with you holding my hand I know I’ll make it <3 I have the best Mommy in the whole world!

    • The cravings do go away and start noticing how you feel when you eat good and when you slip how shitty your belly feels. Not emtional feeling, but physical. I love how I feel when I eat healthy.

      • This is true, I do feel great when I eat healthy. Also I feel great that I’m starting to be able to resist the urge to binge when feeling sad. In fact since starting this journey I haven’t had any really sad days.. Which for me is a big thing! <3

        • That’s good to hear! Maybe all your life needed was some structure and balance and it seems as though you have that handled! Again I say good work!

          • Yep I definately work better with structure and balance in my life.. Having moved every year for the last 3 or 4 years and constantly living in a state of packing or unpacking and renovations plus temp work.. I haven’t felt “centered” or “at home” in a long time. Things are starting to change and I couldn’t be happier 😀

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