2015 in a big Ol’ Nutshell


I can honestly say that 2015 has been the most eventful year of my life. Sobmany rollercoaster events happened, and now on the very last day, I am sitting here looking back in wonder.

So Christmas 2014 we got engaged, which I know wasn’t 2014 but Mike got sick so we only really got to celebrate New Years Eve 2015… Which is fitting because I got sick this Christmas, and am only able to fully celebrate again New Years Eve! Funny how life works.

ANYWAY to 2015 has been filled with wedding planning, venue tours, dress shopping, finding THE dress, having a breakdown when I hated how it looked on me ordered in my size (granted there’s about 3 inches between my boobs and the dress, so hopefully once it is fitted and synched properly I won’t look like a box of shit anymore.. I swear I have a waist!!!). I toured the venue some more to start dream decorating and envisioning where things would go, sent out STD’s (which will forever make me giggle), booked a photographer (Stacy Kenopic is awesome!!!), hair stylist (Dana is amazing y’all I cant wait to get my hair did).. And a million more things wedding related that will for now remain secret.

I have fallen more in love with Mike, and am more certain than ever that we meant meant to be.

But 2015 wasnt all wedding bells..I became Logan’s GodMother (I think that was 2015)… Logan and Violet had their 1st Birthdays, Adelyn had her 2nd, Jenn, Dianne, and Sophie got pregnant, which led to Rhys and Oliver popping in and in Feb or March unknown squishy will grace us with his adorableness to. I am a proud Auntie and spoil and love each of my babies every single chance I get!! As I don’t plan to have my own, each niece and nephew lives in my heart just as much as my own little one would be, I would give and do anything to make their lives amazing and wonderful in every way.

Some bad things happened, falling out with a certain ex friend, having money issues due to not being full-time, stress and anxiety leading to a regain of all the weight loss progress I had made……

But I don’t want to devote too much time or effort talking about that. It’s in the past and it is time to move forward.

I started new meds which have pretty much wiped out the binge eating disorder (one doc had a feeling the constant hunger and need to eat carbs was a side effect of my old meds.. And it looks like she was right!!!) And my anxiety is doing great too!!!

I was more outgoing this year, went on nature walks by myself, sought out therapy, tried new foods, started a new hobby (with a lot of help from my friend Sam!!) And built a living plant fish tank, tinted my hair purple and pink, than just purple, than brown and pink. I covered up my old tattoo with the help of my amazing and talented cousin Ben.

And lastly, and this is pretty exciting.. But yesterday I was officially sworn in as an employee of the RCMP!!!! Granted it’s a 1 year contract for now, but with any luck sooner than later it will be actually permanent!!

So that was my year in a nutshell.. 2016 is already promising to be off the walls amazing, cant wait to see what new adventures will come my way!

Happy New Year everyone <3

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