Busy Bee

I have a lot on the go right now… and by a lot, I mean a lot for me. Perhaps for you it is not much, but I tend to feel overwhelmed if I try to do too much at once.

With that said though.. I think I’m a clever little duck, and I’ve figured out a way to get around my own insanity.


You see, I am getting married in 2016. Were I to start planning in let’s say… 2016… I would lose my mind. Bridezilla would not be a strong enough word for the person I would become. Anixety would ride my ass until the day after the wedding, and then I would cry because I never got to really enjoy any of it.. like AT ALL.

See, knowing yourself comes in handy sometimes LOL.

As a result, Mike and I set up a 2 year engagement… partly so we could save up for it, but also so that my brain wouldn’t explode.

2 months into my engagement, I have a large portion of things nailed down already. I’m focusing on the bigger things, so that I have oodles of time later to fine tune and work on the crafty, creative bits that I’m so looking forward to.

So far bridezilla has not even tried to peek through the veil, and I do believe she will never see the light of day…… OK maybe not NEVER, I am sure every bride has a moment or two of sheer panic / anxiety / freak out… But going into this thing, I’m prepping myself for a complete and utter lack of perfection.

I chose a beautiful location that needs barely any decorating, and for the most part my thought going into this wedding is I want to enjoy myself. Sure I want things to run smoothly, and that is why I’m planning it so far in advance.. but I’m no fool… I fully realize that things will go wrong… and when they do, i will just have to go with the flow. In the end, I will be married to the man I love, before my family and friends… I could do it in a paper bag and still be happy with my choice in groom.

I think I went off on a bit of a random tangent… Where was I going with this?

OH YES! Busy! So yes, Wedding planning is well underway, and I think I’m doing a good job… all colour coded and organized n stuff.

I am also working on a book…. no deets yet as it’s still early going… but a friend of mine has continually inspired me to create with words… and I feel like there’s this book locked inside of me wanting to get out.. SO I’m giving it a go. It will probably take me longer to do the book than the wedding, so don’t hold your breath on that one LOL.

I am also in the midst of re-organizing / de-cluttering my house… I can not WAIT until spring / summer for the massive garage sale that will be happening. All proceeds will be going either to the “I wanna be debt free” fund, OR the “I want to not go further into debt to pay for this wedding” fund.

On top of all of this, I am still plugging away at my weightloss. I have an appointment with the doc to check up on me in a few weeks… Depending on her recommendation I may stick with food, or give shakes another go. I’m straddling the fence on this one. With the wedding coming up, I’d like to lose the weight sooner rather than later so the issues of rapid weight loss aren’t affecting dress alterations and such…. But FOOD.. I do love it.. and I have gotten SO good with it… some days worse than others, but that’s normal right? And most people lose weight while still eating.. so I can too… It’s just…. Well seeing the weight melt off is so cathartic. It boosts me forward, encourages me to keep going, no cheating, focus on my health, my weight, being the best I can be… It’s… I really do love it. (The last time was not the norm, trust me, it was night and day from the first time and it was because my body was too weak from the massive flu I’d had… my own fault for not waiting long enough between the illness and the shakes)

Gah I’m rambling again.

The point is, I’m busy, but I’m managing. I have a few balls in the air right now, and so far I’ve managed to juggle them pretty well. I may actually be getting the hang of this whole “being an adult” thing 😛


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