Day three… SO much pee :P

OK, TMI I know… but OMG I think I was off to the washroom at least once an hour today LOL. First thing I did when I got home? Ran to the scale of course.

The best part about the first week on shakes…. ok the ONLY good part.. is the rapid loss of water weight as my body turns itself from a carb eating machine to a fat eating one (carb molecules hold on to 2 water molecules each… which is part of why normally, we carry so much water weight. Once in ketosis my body eats fat instead, and so no longer holds onto those water molecules). I lost 7 lbs since yesterday LOL.

I know, I know… once I go back on food it’ll all come back anyways, but it’s still nice to see the scale dip back down LOL.

ATM I’m feeling pretty drained, and hungry. It’s nearly “time” for a shake, so that’s to be expected. I try to push my last shake as close to bedtime as possible so that I am able to sleep through the night on a “full” tummy, and not pass out on my way to work.

During the day right now I’m fine… well, as fine as someone who desperately wants to eat and is also desperately trying to stop themselves from eating can be ;). By the time I get hungry, it’s time for a shake, so off I go to drink my shake. Night time is the hardest, I have less to do,  and my spouse is asleep. Makes me want to crawl into bed beside him and while away the hours snuggled up…. but the fact that I work on a day schedule means I try to avoid this. I do have to sleep through the night in order to wake up in the AM after all.

Still, he’s lying there in bed, just a few feet away, and I AM tired.. it would be so nice to just curl up and take a nap…. is it still a nap if it’s 7:30PM?

Anyway, everything is going as well as it can go. It’s not nearly as bad as it was the second time around, which goes to prove that it was an anomaly caused by the flu that had severely weakened my body.  Right now the only thing I battle is my own mind, and my grumbling tummy of course lol.

Today was better than yesterday, hunger wise away… though I am feeling more tired today than I did yesterday.

Here’s to hoping day 4 kicks butt!


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  • Go girl, go! I’m so impressed by your desire to succeed on the way to wellness. Keep up the amazeballs job that you are doing. Me and a lot of other folks are right here in support. Listen, you can hear the cheers… Go Shannon! Woohoo! Woooooooooooooooot! You go girl! Awesome job, Queen of Optifast! Yaaaaaay! See… I told you so 😉

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