Day two, went as well as it could

Let me start off by saying this time around feels nothing like it did the second time around. At least not so far *Knock Wood*… I am hungry yes, and it’s uncomfortable and frustrating and I’m cranky as all heck…. but I don’t feel the drain that I did last time, nor do I feel like I’m starving myself to death.

Can I get a happy dance? Hells yeah I can! *Insert all the happy dances here*

That’s not to say though that this is at all pleasant, or fun right now. I’ve got all fingers and toes crossed that once I slip into the magical state of ketosis, that the discomfort will go away. I know it will take awhile to slip into the groove and find my stride……….. but at least for now I’m thankful that I don’t feel so weak as I did last time. I even managed a walk on my lunch! Not a long walk mind you… but a walk nonetheless.

I can go usually 2 hours between shakes before the hunger really sets in right now (which is WAY better than the 30 seconds to a minute of last time), and I am able to sleep the night without waking up hungry (also unlike last time)… I am more tired than usual, but I don’t expect that to last forever.

All in all, right now, I’m feeling pretty good, and am heading out to the kitchen to make my 4th shake for the day ;).

Here’s to hoping day 3 goes better than today, and not half as good as day 4 will be 😀

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