Food… How I miss you

Let me start by saying DON’T PANIC, I’m not about to cheat… But I really want to ramble about my food withdrawal so bare with me LOL.

The shakes are tasty, and are showing great results… But holy crap I miss food. I miss chewing, and not being 98% certain every moment of every day that I have bad breath (ketosis causes this), and I miss feeling like my teeth are clean… Even after I brush my teeth they feel “fuzzy” (again, the ketosis monster)… I miss different textures in my mouth, and flavors on my tongue.

I made chicken pasta something or other for Mike tonight… He’s sick (on his bday!!! Poor guy) and so didn’t want anything extravagant. So frozen skillet dinner it is. OMG it smelled like heaven. Creamy and I added extra veggies… And just .. Pure… Deliciousness.

I can’t wait to eat again… I can’t wait to chew!!! And I especially can’t wait to taste something other than dessert LOL.

I’ve officially started week 5, next Tues marks the half way point ..  Yesterday I was stoked about this… Today I’m looming at it like “HALF WAY????” Ugh really? *bangs head on desk*

Well I’ve made it this far… I can make it the other half of the way too!

Until then, I’ll just dream of food.


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