I have the dress!!!

OK… So I have the dress… like THE dress.. ya know, the one I’ll wear while walking down the aisle to marry the love of my life? Yeah, that one.. HELLS YES!

With that said, obviously there are highs and lows, because when aren’t there highs and lows in life.. The high part being dayum I love my dress!!! I can’t wait to show everyone!!!!

The low… I hate how I look in the dress.. Mind you the dress presents the best version of myself I’ve seen in awhile.. but I hate hate HATE how I look in it.. Doing my best to stay positive and lose the extra pounds… but I am convinced my butt is an actual shelf…. and I could probably fly to Australia with my arm wings, and my face is just… UGH.. don’t get me started.. it’s so ugh.

OK now that that’s out of the way, time to move on.. Here is what I am doing to fix it.

Step 1: Cut out all drinks except water (except for special occasions or reasons like after being out in the cold for an hour or so I could not get warm.. cue a nice cup of hot chocolate to the rescue!) I drank only water while on Optifast, and afterwards until a few months ago, and I had an easier time managing my weight and keeping off the pounds, so this is the first step for me to take. Also I think as long as I don’t put restrictions on myself as to when I can have a “splurge” drink, it will also be the easiest.. Sometimes you get bored of water and just want something different.. Yes I can add fruit flavors or teas.. but honestly I’ve tried so many diff types of infused waters and teas and all of it just tastes like watery juice which is just gross.. so I’ll stick to water thanks.. But yeah, for the times I have to shovel in the upcoming months *shudders* or if I’m out with friends, or my mouth just wants a glass of milk or hot chocolate or coffee… give in man, it’s not always, and it’s not even often.. so no strict rules here, as long as I make sure to get in my 3 litres of water a day.

Step 2: Cutting back on carbs.. OK so real talk.. this one is the hardest step :S I know people who cut carbs completely and just the thought makes me cringe. Carbs make me happy.. they also make me fat… So I’ve compromised with myself and I’m working on cutting back on carbs. I.E except for when I’m out with friends, I now make Naan bread pizza instead of ordering a pizza with thick crust. Garlic Naan bread makes a killer pizza crust, at least it does if you’re like me and use a knife and fork to eat pizza LOL. I’m not sure how good it would be to eat by hand… Either way, DROOOOOLS. Also for my nacho cravings, I’m planning on doing more of what I did when I first came off of optifast, which is making a bit of a layered dip and than using dipping the tortilla in. I’m also looking into different options here.. I’ve tried zucchini chips and what not, but nothing was able to withstand holding toppings.. So I think I’m with my tortilla.. I haven’t yet compared pita bread to tortillas to see if it’s less carbs / fat / whatever make pita chips… hmm something to think about.

Anyway yes.. Step 2 is hard, but I’m making a conscious choice with every meal to eat less carbs or eliminate carbs altogether where possible.. For example I tried cauliflower rice the other day for a stirfry… <-- This one wasn't a winner. Both Mike and I missed the "rice" part of the stirfry... it didn't taste BAD per say... but it didn't give that rice feel / taste / texture.. it just tasted like cooked cauliflower mixed in with veggies and chicken. BUT I tried it!!! And it wasn't a gross taste, so I may do it from time to time.. or find a cheaper option (6$ for 1 head of cauliflower?!?!?! No wonder the world is fat, I can by 2 family sized packs of tortilla chips for 6$ and that would last me weeks... 1 head of cauliflower lasted for one meal... and it wasn't all that filling or satisfying either) Step 3: Stay in motion. OK maybe THIS is the hardest one... Step 2 is hard just because I love good tasting food that makes me feel full..... But staying in motion is painful. Everything hurts, and I hate looking weak or stupid or out of breath or sweaty yadda yadda.. my muscles are almost always in pain like I just finished up with the gym... and what did I do? Just a normal day to day life. This extra weight I've gained is hurting me a lot... I think my body got used to smaller Shannon and so now I'm feeling like I'm carrying around a 50lbs sack of potatoes everywhere.. I also think it's harder this time because the last time I was at this weight, it was just a rise in weight.. I didn't yoyo, I didn't loose weight and regain.. nope, I just kept getting bigger.. so my muscles grew with my changing needs, my body adapted... Now, I remember how easy things were at my smallest... and it makes it even more frustrating when I'm unable to do things that just months ago would have been easy to accomplish. But day by day I am pushing through the pain.. I have been doing my best.. and although I tend to be fully spent by 2PM and don't want to move anymore, I do my best.. With any luck every day I'll be able to do a little bit more, and a little bit more. Right now cleaning and normal life is my exercise... I know I need more cardio, and I plan on doing that.. but I think that's step 4.. and right now I just want to get to a point where I can have a normal day and not feel like I was at the gym for 5 hours. Anyway, that's what's new in the land 'o me.. Thanks for reading and hopefully the next post will have great news, maybe a loss in weight even! (A girl can dream) Oodles of hugs and love

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