Ketosis I miss you!!

So I’m on day 2 of my shakes… and I have to say.. last time was hard, but not THIS hard. I really think it’s because I was so sick and my energy levels didn’t go back to normal before I started full force… SO Here’s my current thoughts on this fun time.

I am giving my body until this weekend to regulate… if by Saturday I still have the energy of a 90 year old, I will stop taking the shakes altogether and go on the 1500 calorie diet they put me on during maintenance mode until I am feeling 100% again.

Once I’m 100% I’ll come back to full shakes and kick butt.

What I’m hoping is that this insane tiredness will pass… and the meth like withdrawls will pass, and the over all miserableness will pass, and I’ll be back to my old cheery self in no time.

I know once I hit Ketosis I’ll be fine…. My body will have a blubber buffet to chow down on, I won’t be hungry 24/7, I won’t feel so weak and disconnected from my body, I won’t feel like I need a nap after being awake for 20 minutes… Just have to hang on a little longer.

It is Tuesday now… so I have 3 more full days for my body to catch up to the plan… if it still can’t, and I’ve put in a real effort to stick it out and allow my body to find it’s sweet spot… then I’ll cave and give it the food it is craving so badly until the very last traces of this cold are gone.

It’s my hope that I’ll be fine by tomorrow after a super good nights sleep 😛 lol.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, because right now I am going through hell… and doing my best not to rip off the heads of everyone around me.


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