New Home <3

Welcome to My new home… a super wonderful person named Drew has brought me here and I couldn’t be happier!

Last night was a bit of a slip up but at the same time a win.. so I’m not sure where I’ll categorize it right now. Firstly I was planning on a roast with veggies, however the 2 hour drive home with crappy roads meant I just really did not want to cook by the time I got home. So we ordered pizza… Hence the somewhat of a fail. On the plus side though I got 2 calzones and a small poutine.. I did not finish it all (which old me would have) So Hence minor win ! 🙂

All in all I think I did OK, and the fact that I’m still posting and still making an effort to stay on track shows that I’m doing good. Let’s see what tomorrow brings 😀


P.S Thank you Thank you THANK YOU Again Drew 😀 The is a wonderful place 🙂

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