OK so I’m freaking out a little

I promise I’m still excited… And that this isn’t me planning to bail last minute… But holy shit I’m freaking out a little bit over here guys.

Today is the LAST day I will eat solid food for 12 weeks! I didn’t even have anything exceptionally tasty. I was sure I’d said goodbye to all my fave foods and gotten it all out of my system.. But I didn’t have donuts! I didn’t have lasagna or go the the continents buffet… I didn’t have cake!

Normally I don’t crave those things often… But right now, while I wait in the hospital parking lot, I have the strongest urge to take off and find the nearest restaurant and just stuff my face until I’m puking full.

I don’t even LIKE being puking full.

I’m sure I’ll settle down soon… And I’m hoping like hell the shakes taste good, otherwise this will be a form of torture for my already taste deprived taste buds…

I’m having a weak moment… And that is exactly why I’m blogging. To get the crap out of my head, put it out to the universe and let it go.

Tomorrow I start my shakes… Tomorrow I start to lose weight rapidly… Wait no, I won’t lose it.. As that implies it may be found again. I’m giving that extra fat a swift kick in the ass and an eviction notice to boot! Fuck fat. And fuck all the reasons that got me to this point. I’m going to be healthy. I’m going to be Happy… And for fuck sakes I’m going to look awesome while I do it!

Have a great night all <3 image

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  • Stay strong Shannon! You said food was a coping mechanism, so I’m sure that you’re just excited and nervous so your brain is telling you to do the default action which is pig out!

    Just Keep Breathing 🙂

    • You are so right Drew! That’s exactly what was happening. The blog helped me calm down.. and a chat with Mike.. And your comment.. My new support system rocks!
      I made it through WOOOOT

  • Hi Shannon! It will be a long road but if it helps, when you get up every morning, repeat this mantra: I am so worth it! Now get out there and do it…. And your friend’s advice on taking water with lemon definitely works but if not that, make sure you are hydrated throughout the day. Shannon, you are inspirational. Love you, girl!!

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