Say No: Stretching Yourself Too Thin.

I’m sure it’s a feeling that has been felt by everyone at least once in their lives. The feeling that you are being stretched too thin from doing too many projects at once. In general the problem seems to be that we have the unfortunate affliction of being unable to say no.

The definition of ‘stretched too thin’ is someone who endeavours to do too many thing at once, and as a consequence cannot give enough time and attention to any of them to do them justice. Naturally this can lead to a lot of frustration, that cannot even be rectified by an hour of relaxation playing Partypoker and watching your favourite comedy.

I guess the only way stop it from occurring, is to figure out how to use the word ‘no’. Now if you’re a people pleaser like myself, then asking you to say ‘no’ is like telling yourself to open your eyes in the swimming pool, when you know it’s going to sting. Saying ‘yes’ is this automatic reflex that refuses to go away.

There are ways to get around it though, and I’ve picked up a few over the last few months.

– Getting over my fear of conflict, and realising that saying no is not necessarily going to end in a fight.

– Learning that saying no will not necessarily be rude or hurt someone’s feelings. So long as you let them down gently, everything will be fine.

– When you want to help, sometimes it’s better to say no and let someone more capable do it, than saying yes and not being able to commit.

– Saying no doesn’t mean that bridge will be burnt. And if that does occur, it wasn’t worth it to begin with.

The end result is being far more relaxed and in a better state of mind because of it. Phew!

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  • I know exactly what you mean; however, some of us just find it incredibly hard to say no to anyone and end up with no time for ourselves. We have to try and remember that if we don’t take care of us first, eventually we won’t be able to take care of anyone else either. It isn’t wrong to put yourself first once in awhile, YOU are the most important person you know.

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