Third time’s the charm?

I had my doctor’s appointment today to check up on how things are going. Good news? I’m healthy again!… Ever better news? I was cleared, and encouraged, to go for another full round of shakes!

I know some are against, and some are for, and there are probably some who straddled the line right along beside me.  I hymned and hawed for ages on whether or not to go back on the shakes.  There were many pro / con lists made, debates back and forth with Mike, and lots of self talk and journaling… Yes folks, sometimes I write things that no one reads LOL.

Right now, I feel really good about this choice.  I know that I will miss food again, and I’m signing up for another struggle…  but I am really looking forward to seeing more progress on my journey. I’ve been doing really well on food this time around, a few bumps in the road here or there, but when I look over the time, I know I made good choices. There will always be a better option, always a healthier path… but when it comes down to it, how I gauge my success is this:

1. How was this choice compared to how I would have  done things before Optifast?

2. Will I regret this choice?

3. How can I minimize the unhealthiness while maximizing yumminess/craving satisfaction (I.e when out for food, at a party, yadda yadda)

In the end, this is about my feeling better about myself, feeling more comfortable in my own skin, and learning to love myself…. the number of the scale is an added bonus while on Optifast…. but it’s at the bottom of my list.

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  • Good luck Shannon. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. You go, girl!

  • I cant say I understand your choice at all, but I wish you good luck and good health while fasting.

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m going based on my doctors recommendation, as well as my desire to drop the weight quickly so I can get the weight off my joints and hopefully not be in pain anymore. Trust me… I’m not a fan of the fasting either, but i’d rather this over surgery 🙂

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