Waiting for The Call

Very soon now, I will be getting a call… this call will in fact change my life. You see I’ve jumped through all the hoops I have to jump through, and the only step left is to wait for the call placing me in a group for the weight loss clinic. The way it’s looking it will more than likely be early Feb start-up, but I am on the cancellation list so if someone cancels for Jan they’ll pop me into their place! I want to be in the program ASAP, I don’t care which day, or what time, I will make it work.

The program will consist of me not eating for 3 months. Part of me is terrified for this, and part of me wishes it would last longer. As long as I’m on the shake diet and not eating, my weight loss will be fairly rapid… this in itself comes with health risks I will have to watch out for, but mostly it comes with benefits such as getting rid of some of the bulk so that I can actually work on getting rid of the rest myself. Right now the bulk is what holds me back. I’m UN-coordinated and bump into things all the time, I don’t fit into most anywhere, which causes anxiety in social situations because it’s insanely embarrassing to say “sorry I can’t go, because I can’t fit into that chair” or “Sorry I’d love to go go-karting… but I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t fit into the car SO I’d rather not die of that embarrassment” or “Yeah I’d love to go to that trampoline place… except I’m pretty sure one jump and I’d rip the fabric on the trampoline… so count me out” My life right now is one giant humiliation after another. If I do fit, my ankles won’t allow me to move enough to enjoy myself, or my breathing get’s so bad I can’t keep up. Either way unless it’s a sit down meal at a place I know I can pull a chair far enough out to fit at the table, I’m pretty much useless.

Anyway, here I am, waiting for the call. I kind of can’t wait to take before / progress / after pictures! I’m hopeful for a drastic change in my appearance.  I know I’ll be doing all I can to ensure the best possible results. I will blog along the way once I’m going through the process, I’ll write about my struggles, my triumphs and all the in betweens that occur. I can’t wait to get started… now if only the darned phone would ring 😛

Merry Christmas to all who are reading this, and if you don’t Celebrate Christmas, then Happy / Merry Insert your holiday here.


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  • Congratulations on getting through all of the paperwork Shannon! I truly hope this helps you get to a point of comfort in everything you do in life.

    I truly had no idea how terrible it can be for someone with a little extra baggage (badunk a dunk) to get around in this world. I’m lucky in the sense that it spreads out more evenly over me, because if I was your height I would no doubt go through the same trials and tribulations.

    I wish you nothing but the best in this journey to become truly happy with all aspects of your life. I better get my ass more active so I don’t end up being the largest man ever in recorded history.

    You’re an inspiration and I’m so happy about how open your are about what you’re doing to try and get healthier.

    Jenn and I love you to bits! Have a great Christmas!

    • 🙂 Thanks Drew! It’s been a long road, and it will be longer still by the end of it… but I can’t wait for that call so I can get started. Weekly 3 hr meetings and not eating for 3 months is going to be brutal…. but I’m so excited!

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