What I can handle

Hello World.

Today, I slid around on an exercise ball for a bit, did some form of awkward stair stepping, and had a mini walk. By no stretch of the imagination do I think I did AMAZING… but I did what I can handle. For that I am patting myself on the back.

My body, can’t handle much. What you may take for granted as just moving… tires me out, and hurts. This is really hard for me. But I took that step.. well multiple steps. I’m thinking about getting ankle braces. I know they are expensive (well the kind that would fit around my cankles would be), but it’s something I’m thinking about. It would probably help me out a lot if I didn’t feel like my ankles were about to snap in half every time I tried to move. What do you think?? Would that make that big of a difference? OR should I continue to do what I can, when I can, and once I’m smaller and can fit into regular ankle braces just get those?

Anyway, I walked, well… waddled, and I went up and down my stairs as fast as I safely could until my legs felt like they were jello and would give out, and I rolled around on my ball (balancing). Not too shabby.  Now to keep up the progress.

Hope everyone is having a great day,

Cyber Hugs



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  • That’s great Shannon, I had the best intentions but hey you did it lol. Start off slow and gradually build up your endurance. Even 5 minutes to start and then add one minute a day. May not sound like much but in 30 days it will be 35minutes. Love you

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