Why The Raven’s Quill has inspired me to keep going

Typically I reserve this blog for a myriad of cathartic diary like posts… but I would like to take a moment, to talk a little bit about a dear friend of mine… who has very much been a driving force behind my continued success. She is a daily inspiration on the importance of following your dreams, and that dreams aren’t something pretty to put on a shelf and look at.. they are something to be pursued and when life throws an obstacle in your way, you knock that sonofabitch down and keep going.

Krista Walsh (@Krista_Walsh) is that woman. She is the author behind:  The Meratis Trilogy and has contributed to a number of other publications (all of which can be found at http://theravensquill.com/), these books have captivated me. Not only have I gotten a full on book hangover from both Evensong and Eventide… but I am eagerly waiting the third installment of this series Evenlight.  Krista is kind and generous, she is smart as heck, and the most non-judgmental and accepting person I have ever known. Being her friend, is like being wrapped in a quilt of comfort and love on a daily basis. But she is so much more than the compassionate soulful woman who I admire… she is also driven and creative and passionate about her art form. Not only has she completed 2 complete novels to date (as well as contributing amazing works to other publications), but she has SELF PUBLISHED her books as well!  She took her dream, and has worked her behind off to make that dream a reality… It is something I envy, and aspire to.  She is currently hard at work on book 3, and we should all take a moment to send her some mental hugs and words of encouragement because as someone who has been trying for years to get ONE book started… I can only imagine what a daunting task the third installment of a series must be!

If you haven’t read the books yet…. What the heck are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity to support a local / indy author, as well as getting some quality reading material to pass the time. ALSO not only are the books well worth the read.. BUT she is also hosting a contest (Heck yeah you read that right CONTEST) for her fans to submit their fan art / fan-fic / in any way shape or form they desire as long as it relates to The Meratis trilogy / world / characters in any way… also please keep it clean, no x-rated fan fic for this one heh.

Care to read more about the contest?? Run over HERE and check out the rules and prizes etc. To discuss on any and all forms of social media, use the hashtag #AndvellArt… and last but never least.. .HAVE FUN!

With that said… I just wanted to publicly stand up in my own little slice of the internet.. and shout to the rooftops that Krista Walsh inspires me, she encourages me, and is a role model we can all look up to and admire.  Without her guidance and support, I wouldn’t have been able to succeed as well as I have… So many times I have stumbled behind the scenes… had mini melt downs during the day…. and always, no matter what or when, she has been there for me… Even when she doesn’t realize it. I keep her books on my desk to as a touch stone to keep going…  an inspiration that dream really can come true if you work hard enough at it. She is a large part of what keeps me going, and I truly hope all of my friends/family/readers take a moment to check out her page, maybe read her book, and perhaps one day she will inspire you as well 🙂

OH before I forget… you can also find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristawalshauthor

LOTS OF HUGS and thank you for reading! <3

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